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经典月子茶 Classic Confinement Herbal Teas

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产品描述 Product Description:



坐月期间, 妈妈们每天所摄取的水分都是由月子茶而来。因为生产时妈咪会流失大量的气血,五脏六腑都处于疲弱状态,所以身体需要及时的调补气血。



After delivering, a mother’s body will not immediately return to its normal state. The transformation which has taken place during pregnancy will slowly disappear and will take time to recover. During Childbirth a mother will loses blood and ‘Qi’ and hence become weak, the period following right after is crucial as health issues may arise.

Our Classic Confinement Herbal Tea are using non-sulfur and good quality chinese herbs to regain and improve the mother’s immune system, nourish and regain the ‘Qi’ which was depleted during labor.

We have 3 grades of confinement herbal tea and the main difference is Codonopsis Pilosulae. The better grade of Codonopsis Pilosulae the better benefit of it.

温馨提醒:为了提供您最新鲜的药材,我们在接到订单后才开始准备, 请于至少两个星期前预订此配套! 

Gentle Reminder: We only start prepare it after we receive the order, kindly order this package 2 weeks in advance so that we can deliver the freshest of everything to you.

功效 Benefit:


Replenishing Qi and blood. May help to reduce water retention.

成分 Ingredients:


Natural Codonopsis Pilosulae, Black Dates, Dried Longan, XinJiang Red Dates, NingXia GojiBerry, Wild Astragalus Root Slices, Thicked Eucommia, Black Bean & Tuber Fleeceflower.  

保存方法 Storage Method:


Keep refrigerated at all times to maintain freshness and avoid moulds and bugs. Avoid direct sunlight, humidity and odours.

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