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精选韩国蚝干 Premium Korea Dried Oyster

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产品描述 Product Description:

蚝干,也称“蛎干”,一种海味,牡蛎(也称蚝)肉的干制品。蚝干富含很多的营养价其中值包括:维他命B12 、磷、牛黄酸和蛋白质中多种优良的氨基酸。

Dried oysters, is a dried seafood product of oyster meat. Dried oyster contains a lot of nutrition value, such as: Vitamin B12, Phosphorus, Bezoar Acid, and many excellent amino acids in the protein.   

保存方法 Storage Method: 


Keep refrigerated at all times to maintain freshness and avoid moulds and bugs. Avoid direct sunlight, humidity and odours.

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